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Communicate with your audience
Before we focus on what you’re saying, we must have a clear idea who we’re saying it to. Is your audience your current customers, who already knows your brand? Or are you aiming for a broader potential customer base that may be unaware of your organization?
Focus on positive signaling
Knowing what to say to your audience is equally as important as knowing how to say it. Be intentional with knowing your customer base and following your brand.
Convey a professional image
Choose the right brand or item that is in line with your organization. For example, is your team better suited to be outfitted in a sharp Port Authority polo, or will a great looking and comfortable t-shirt be more effective in your field?
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They use Solid Products to solve problems.

A wealth of experience makes Solid Products perfect for building marketing and promotional solutions for small, medium and large businesses.
Mary Ellen O’Brien
Cooper Mechanical Inc.
“We always receive the best customer service from the SolidProducts Team. Thanks for your attention to detail – we appreciate it!”
Rev. Steve McComas
Rolling Hills United Methodist Church
“We have purchased polo shirts with our logo on them and an outdoorbanner. Two things impress me: Their professionalism and the quality of theirwork. I highly recommend Solid Products.”

Tom Wiley
Personal Project
“I chose Solid Products originally through word of mouth andhave continued because of the customer service and professional staff.”
Michael Lohman
Michael Lohman General Contractor, LLC
“I have been getting shirts and hoodies for myself and formy crew for several years. I have always been happy with the productsthemselves. I also feel I get a good product for a fair price. I would in factrecommend Solid Products.”

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